Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happiness is .... finding peace in the madness

Being an amateur photographer (well, that's what I call myself now-a-days) I've recently discovered the joy, the peace, the happiness in sharing my "captures" with others, often random strangers, whom I have never heard of.

I know I should do up a post on my husband, daughter, pets and family - friends, etc.  However, lately, what brings me happiness - is staring through my lens, leveling the camera just so, pausing to gather the focus, lining up that perfect shot.  Glancing at the digital display screen, to ensure I've managed to capture what I'm seeing in my head, and .. *click* .. a moment, a pause, an item, a flower, a child, a smile, a memory - captured.

Reading the comments, watching the "favorites", the "likes" add up .. reading reviews of my "work" .. that is happiness to me, well, at least, that's MY Happiness.  Lately.

Work is hectic, home life is hectic, our four year old is hectic .. in an attempt to find peace, I've been offered, and have accepted, access to an area where access isn't generally granted.  The ramshackle (for lack of a better term) unfinished, untouched areas of an old industrial mill - where I happen to be, twice a week - one for me, (kickboxing - that's happiness too) and one for our four year old (dance class - that's her happiness) - in a finished space.   That I am allowed into that space?  That I am allowed to take photos, publish them, use them as I see fit .. when others have been denied access?  Denied their requests to do the same?   Happiness.

It seems a little selfish, as I glance through the other posts on other blogs - that I'm describing happiness as .. photography .. but, that's my happiness.  Lately, in a world where there isn't much .. in a time, where there isn't easy answers .. in an existence where sometimes, just sometimes, it's the simple things that bring you peace?


Why wouldn't it bring you Happiness Too??

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