Monday, September 26, 2011

Waiting. Not so Patiently.

I hate being told I have to wait.  I hate not knowing.  I am not the most patient person in the world.  Which is one of the reasons I think photography is so important to me.  It forces me to be patient.

Waiting for that perfect shot, the perfect focus.  The Perfect Subject.

Photography - among other things - teaches patience, peace and passion .. of which I know have plenty (well, for this subject)

Now, that all being said.  I have found what I believe to be - the Perfect Subject.

An old mill building, parts of which have been revamped and leased out .. parts of which remain, untouched .. ramshackle, broken down a bit.  I was allowed access to one such area, to take a look, to see if maybe it is what I am looking for.  And is it ever!!

I can snap shots of the exterior, anytime I please - I'm there twice a week anyway, and well, it's near enough to me that I can get there whenever my heart shouts for a moment or two of peace and patience.   But the interior, I need permission from the building owner.  Who has not yet responded to my recent inquiries.

The Next Step?  I will call and speak directly with his personal assistant (at extension 10) ... I need an answer.  I cannot wait much longer.

I cannot be denied access.  It isn't a possibility.  This Subject, is Perfect.

The exposed pipes, the brick, the glassless windows, the doorless door frames .. Dirty Floors, and Dusty Walls .. Perfection.

If only he'd answer me ... If only he'd call back.


So here I sit.  Waiting.  Not so Patiently.

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