Monday, September 5, 2011

Whatcha Doin Em?

*beep beep*

step, step

*beep beep*

step, step, step, step

*beep beep*

Momma:  "Whatcha Doin Em?"
Emily: "I'm locking all the doors"

You know those, toy key sets they sell in the check out lines -- in target, kmart, walmart (ETC) .. Emily has no less than seven of those sets.  Either buying them herself, or receiving them as gifts, or in her stocking, or Easter Basket - etc.

Today, after playing in her play room (when she's older, it will me my library -- supposedly) she sauntered out into the living room, pressing the button on her "Princess set" of said keys.  Pausing and turning every time she pushed the button.  Aiming at each of the three doors we have in the house.

Apparently, she feels safer now.  *snicker*

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