Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love Your Germs

Last week, Emily was very sick.  She had a fever of 104, for three full days.  We visited the doctor three times, and received no answers.   She went to school Monday, and was perfect.  Completed swimming lessons (in a higher class) and earned her sticker.  Around 6pm, Emily was complaining of feeling "icky" - upon taking her temperature, we realized it was a low grade fever - 99.8, nothing to be concerned with - although we did monitor it through the night, and told her teachers to monitor it throughout the day Tuesday.  Around 330 Tuesday afternoon, I texted her teacher to find out how her day was.  Not so good.  She was placed in timeout for being mean to her friends, where she promptly fell asleep on the floor. *sigh*

Upon taking her temperature, it had climbed to 101.8 and was rising.  I left the office, and picked her up.   Wednesday it was 103.7 first thing in the morning.  It climbed steady through out the day, just in time for our first doctors visit.  They took a urine sample, took her temps, took her vitals, weighed her, and checked each orifice they could - as thoroughly as they could (on a sick, screaming, writhing four year old)

We dropped her samples off, and were told to wait.  There was no sign of strep, ear or sinus infections, and until we received the results of the urine culture, motrin and tylenol, alternated through the night - until we hear is the best we can do.  Lukewarm baths, keep her dressed lightly and push the fluids and rest.

Thursday comes - 104.  We call for the results, she's clear, no UTI.  Okay.  What next?  Nothing.  Tylenol/Motrin alternated, lightly dressed, lukewarm bath, push the fluids and rest.  If it's no better, call in the morning, we'll need to have her seen again.

Friday - 104.  Doctors appointment at 11am ... more tests, more prodding, more fighting from a sick four year old.

Same results, same directions.  I hate this - just so you know.   "The Virus" as a response, makes me so mad, I can't even explain how angry.  It seems to be the standard response for times when there is no answer.  Irritating.  This virus, however, was only affecting small children - and those with weakened immune systems.

Since she stayed home with mommy, we watched silly tv, we watched, movies, we played games, read books, ate popsicles, and drank juice.  What we didn't do - was nap.  Until dinner time, that's when she fell asleep.

Friday, after we got her temperature under control, and she rested (Read: Laid quietly for 20 consecutive minutes) - I decided she needed to get out of the house.  The fresh air would do her good, and I was going stir crazy.  The following is a conversation that took place in a used book store.

Mommy:  Okay Em, we're just looking around today.  If you find something you like, and there is a spot to sit, maybe we'll read a story or two okay?
Emi:         Like, the library?   Cuz that's my favorite place.
M:           Sure, except, we don't live here anymore, sooooo we don't have a library card, and this is a store,             
               so things cost Mommy money.  So that's why we're just looking.
E:            Bummer.  Library instead?
M:           *snicker*  Maybe later love.  Maybe.
E:            *sigh* okay.

After going inside, and peeking around, we find the small (minute) children's section.  We poke through the offerings, and not surprisingly, she's bored in seconds.

E:           Library?  Pweeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
M:         alright, let's go.
E:          YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Public library where we read 8 story books, looked at 12 pictures books, built 3 towers, 1 castle and looked at the Summer Reading Program Decorations.   Still not feeling 100%, she was rather clingy, and reasonably well behaved.  There were numerous children, who were not so well behaved - and each time one of them misbehaved within her earshot, or line of sight - they were immediately greeted with:


Suppressing giggles, I mean, she is four after all - I had to explain that not all kids are as well-behaved as she was being, and that sometimes she has her moments too.  To which she replied:

E: Um. Momma, I have *never* climbed on the walls and railings of the library.

At which time she gestured to a little boy, no more than 6, but old enough to know better - who was at that moment, scaling the half wall, and "balance beam" type walking down the ledge.

It was time to go.   She knew it, I knew it, the staff knew it.

My incredible 4 year old, still battling a now fading fever, helped me clean up not only the books we read and looked at, but each book the other kids had left scattered across the floor.  Every block that was out of place, and every toy (there are a few) that needed to be straightened.

Upon arriving home?  She hugged me, kissed my cheek, and said "thank you for the bestest sick day ever -- even the doctor part"

When I asked for a real kiss - she replied "I'm sick, I have germs"  to which I replied "I love your germs"  Which intrigued her, and caused a rather wonderful response:

Oh Mommy, I Love Your Germs Too.

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