Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Very Adult ...

I received a response to my Email last night .. 

Hi Amy,

Sorry for my inappropriate comments.  I guess I had a "bad hair day" down here and I was just looking for an easy out to release my aggressions.  It  know it is no excuse but, I hope you will accept my appology
Sincerely - Joanne B

This morning, I responded ..

Good Morning Joanne,
Of course I forgive the comments, we've all said or written things we regret - or haven't meant for some to see. I try very hard not to hold grudges, or hold on to things from the past - I think they weigh me down.

I hope you're enjoying your time down South, it's warming up a bit here --- buuuut we're expecting some sort of storm tomorrow.  Hopefully Sera will be home safe and warm before it hits.
Take Care,

I have a three year old child (nearly four now) that I am responsible for.  I have a three year old child, who looks to me as a role model.   To have responded the way I *really* wanted to?  Wouldn't have been productive, it wouldn't have been kind, and it wouldn't have been anything I want my child to learn.  I like to think my response was very adult.  Even if this woman is at least twice the age I am, I believe I was the adult in this situation.  Maybe not to start, but ... I finished strong.


Ellen said...

You responded beautifully and I am so pleased to see that she rethought what she'd written and apologized. Makes me feel a lot better about her state of mind too. You should be proud of yourself and never, ever doubt the wonderful lessons you are teaching your beautiful child. <3

Jessi said...

I'm still mad at her. :)

Amy said...

Thank you Ellen!! <3
LOL Jessi, yeah she's not on my good list either ;)