Monday, March 14, 2011

Now that's being neighborly.

If you're on my facebook - you know my cat is missing.  You also know, that I have been out doing all I can to bring her home safely.  In addition to walking the neighborhood and standing on one of the three porches we have calling for her, and shaking food - I've also placed calls with the local animal control officers (for our town, and the neighboring two - as we're that close to both town lines) the SPCA and the local humane society - all to no avail.  She has been spotted in the neighborhood, and this morning was fed by a neighbor - hoping to gain her trust.

To let the other neighbors know she was missing, healthy and friendly - should they encounter her - I sent a mass email to our Association (which thank GOD will be disbanded at our next meeting, because FINALLY our road is public, and I won't have to deal with some of these people except in passing) ... I am completely fucking livid at the moment - pardon my language. The following is an email exchange, and a bit of history, from earlier today .... I sent an email to my home owners association:

Hey Everyone.

On Wednesday Night, around 6:30pm, just prior to the Town Meeting, our oldest cat Sera ran away. She has been seen (and fed - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!) since then, and I'm hoping that she'll be ready to come home soon.

I wanted you all to know, she is 10 years old, healthy, up to date on her shots and friendly, though she may be a bit skittish lately. Even though she is an indoor cat, she has ALL of her claws - her front paws look like mittens, because she has a "thumb" - if you see her, would you please call us and let us know? Emily misses her, and so do I.

If you are able to "trap" her and keep her safe until one of us can get there to take her home, it would be so appreciated.

We Thank you all in advance.
Mike and Amy M

(with our address and phone number)

This is a reply I got:

OK, so --- two dogs and two cats. Nice - Hope she can afford "diapers too". - Jo

This is the response I sent:

Actually - I have two dogs and three cats. We're out of the diaper stage as my child is now nearly four. Thought we were all "friends" in the neighborhood.
Anything else you'd care to say about me?

For a brief history:

Back when we first started up with this homeowners association bullsh*t - they wanted to raise the dues from 150.year to 200.year. Which doesn't seem like much - until you take into account that there were only a few houses up at the time, and of the few houses that were up - 4 or 5 of the families had children in diapers, or in daycare (neither of which are cheap) so we asked if for the time being we could keep it the 150, it was the first year, and we didn't know what to expect. 

Apparently, this woman is living in 2008, as opposed to 2011 
Thanks for caring about my kids cat you stupid wench. Hope you never need anything from your neighbors.

Come home soon Sera, you're missed .. even if the douchebag up the street doesn't realize pets are important too.


Ellen said...

Oh my gosh Amy. That was amazingly uncalled for and just downright mean. What a terribly unhappy person that woman must be to think that way and say something so ugly at all but especially during this difficult time. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with ugly people as well as Sera's little trip away from home. Love you so much, always. <3

Jessi said...

Wow. Unbelievable. I can't believe how cruel people are sometimes; must be pretty unhappy to project such hate outward!

Amy said...

Cranky old people and I seem to find each other around every turn ... I'm not a fan.