Friday, October 29, 2010

What is *your* favorite?

Pair of Shoes:    
Flip Flops - Any color, though this year, they were black with zebra stripes.

Piece of Clothing:
Pajama's .. I *love* my PJs

Much harder to answer .. Much Harder .. I think "Anne of Green Gables" has been one of my favorites since I was a kid.  I'll go with that for now .. but I'll definitely think about it.

Ever After

TV Show:
I have a few that I "can't miss" (Thank goodness for DVR and Hulu) .. but as for a favorite?
Supernatural, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are the 4 that come to mind

Oh I have many .. my garlic green beans are pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself

Lately, I smile whenever I hear
"Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland
"Smile" by Uncle Kracker
"The Best Day" by Taylor Swift (don't judge)

Tough one.   my wedding day, when I found out I was pregnant, when I found out I was having a girl, and the moment I saw Emi's face are probably the top 4.

Reading - Eating bad good food - playing with Emi - taking pictures - playing with my animals - writing letters ... blogging :)

Seltzer Water.   Without Ice.  Sometimes with a slice Lemon or Lime.

anything I don't have to cook, or clean up - generally.

Pedicures.  I *hate* feet .. they are the one thing I cannot stand touching me, seriously, it's bad.  However, I love having my feet look cute.  Even in December or January when the snow is 4 feet deep ... hmm ... day trip soon I think

I'm sure there are other "favorites" I could list .. it was hard enough coming up with the answers to these ... I'll think of something else.

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Jessi said...

I love these. I'll prob swipe it!
I love PJ's too. Even sweats, anything but formal clothes :)