Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unpopular Opinion ..

I have never - in my entire 31 years of existence - held back an opinion.  I may have softened one.  I may have slightly altered one.  But I have Never Held One Back.

Today - is September 11th.   
Today - is 11 years since the terror attacks on US Soil took the lives of thousands of people.  
Innocent People.

Today - is the day my unpopular opinion *should* probably be held back, but I can't.  It wouldn't be true to who I am.

I fully believe we should, and that we will not ever, forget the events of that day, and those immediately following - and the "reality" that is now.   I fully believe we should, and that we will not ever, forget the victims of that day, and those of the immediate days following.  I fully believe we should, and that we will not ever, forget the heroes of that day, and those that emerged immediately after.

That said.   I don't see how it's healthy, or helpful, to consistently - year after year - replay the events of that day, and those following - on the anniversary.

The people who were in NYC?  Near that field in PA?  In the Pentagon?  Or those who had loved ones who were?  Are not the ones you see posting "I remember" or "never forget" or "9-11" with a little heart - all over social media.  They are not the ones who are giving media interviews, 11 years later with where they were, and what they remember of that day. They are not the ones who need the attention of "remembering" ... they?  remember every day.   They can never forget.

They cannot live their lives 'normally', they cannot escape it.  

We?  We, who were in rural/urban NH or rural Wisconsin or the metropolis California even?  We escape it for the rest of the year, except this one day.  Maybe the week leading up to it.

Those family members who gave birth in the days following - while missing vital members of their family?    They aren't the ones posting "I remember" ... they have an 11 year old reminder, every second of every day.

It is my (unpopular) opinion that reading the names of those lost, every year, is harmful.

It is my (unpopular) opinion that in order to remember, we need to some how - some how - move on.  We need to remember, yes.  Never forget, surely.  but we NEED to move on, not backwards.

These people need to heal.

I have devoured everything written, or created, photographed, reported, recorded, remembered by those that were there - with regards to this day.  This infamous day in History.  I cannot imagine having to relive the  last moments my husband had before his plane slammed into a building in front of the entire world.

I cannot imagine reliving that in front of the entire world.  I don't think we should expect them to.  I don't think we should require them to.

I think there are honorable, respectful ways to remember those lost.  Remember those who have fought every day for us, for them.  I think we can figure out a way to Honor this day.  Without forgetting.  Without reliving.

It's Unpopular, but it's mine.


Jessi said...

I agree to some extent.

I think we need to always look forward and know how those things can NOT happen again in the future.

And be PROUD Americans.

I love that you have an unpopular opinion. I'm so grateful to those who give their life to secure us the liberties we have and allow for us to think for ourselves.


Amy said...

I just think the constant streaming of things - each year, for the week up to and the day of - is causing more harm than good. These people have been through enough.

While OKC wasn't anywhere near what 9-11 was, we don't spend that day, or the week leading up to it, reading the names of those lost that day. we did, for the first few years, and then, those people who are left behind - have been able to heal, and remember in their own ways.

I am beyond grateful to those who serve and protect us .. it is because of them that we have the right to our own opinions and such.