Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Every Mile(stone) is a memory

When I started this blog a few years ago, it was as a way to keep my thoughts in line.  a way to record things I didn't want to ever forget.

Memories.  Miles.   Milestones, if you will.

We've had a few of those in the recent past.

Skipping a level in swimming lessons, becoming a "helper" in swimming lessons, moving up from "mini" status in dance class - and being able to move up to a new type of dance (Jazz, we start this Saturday the 8th), getting her very own library card, Kindergarten Orientation --- and the biggest?  Today was her very first day of Kindergarten.

After waking Em up this morning for her first day, she got dressed in her sun dress and jacket.   She had honey nut cheerios and apple juice for breakfast, brushed her teeth and put her fancy dress shoes on.  Her school bus is supposed to arrive at 7:20am.   We had plenty of time for a quick picture (there's always time) We got outside to the bus stop at 7:15am.  We waited in the van (it was slightly raining) for 10 minutes, I got out and looked up and down the road to see if there were any other children waiting for their bus.   There weren't.

I called the school (they're going to hate me) - after the Bus Coordinator didn't answer her phone (nothing new there) ... They radioed the bus driver, and came back ... here's the conversation as I remember it:

M:  Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the status of a bus?
S:   Sure, what bus?  Do you know who the driver is?
M:  MJ.  It's Labrador at Governors?
S:   Okay, are you looking for a student .. or?
M:  No, my daughter is here, we're just trying to see if she missed the bus?
S:  Okay, I'll be right back.

Time passes -- seems really slow -- and then:

S:  I just spoke with MJ - it sounds like she changed the time.  She said she had been running behind, and had more kids to pick up than originally thought.  She'll be there, at your stop, at 7:13am every day.  It looks like the high school kids weren't getting to school with enough time.
M:  Soooo we missed it today?
S:  I'm sorry, It appears so - she's already come and gone for the morning.
M:  Awesome, I'll be dropping my daughter off then. See you soon!

At this point, I'm so aggravated that they didn't call to notify the parents of the time change - that I have Em buckle in immediately, so I'm not late to work. 

When we arrive at school, Emily is so excited she can't sit still.  I open the back door and she FLIES out.  Forgetting her back pack.

I walk her through the doors where the following conversation takes place:

M:  Okay Bug.  I can't go any further.  I'm not allowed into your class remember?
E:   Mmmhmm.  I remember.
M:  Okay, you remember where to go?
E:   Yup.  To the Left, and I'm in room 1-1-0.
M:  Okay, Have fun, have a good day - and mind your manners?  I Love you!!
E:   Okay, Love you Mommy.   Bye!!!!!!

And away she went.  down the hall, and to her classroom.

Me?  I walked out to my van, head held high - until the door closed and the tears came.   I am incredibly proud of her - walking down that hall, by herself, to her classroom.  Like a Big Girl.

I arrived at the bus stop to get her off the bus at 10:55am.  The bus was due to arrive at 11:05am.

At 11:25am, still no bus - another call to the school.

She was running a bit late, because they wanted to ensure each student knew each driver, and that everyone was where they were supposed to be.  Again, a phone call would have been nice.

When the bus finally arrived, she ran off and JUMPED into my arms.   She was so excited.

She screamed "I LOVE MY NEW SCHOOL!"  Her favorite part of the entire day?  
Getting off the bus, and seeing me.  I am heartbroken, because I can't be there every day ... but beyond thrilled that *this* was the highlight of her day.

Thankfully, the first day is down - I hope this continues ... the happiness, the excitement, the enjoyment.

Her clothes are all laid out for day two, and she's chosen her snack for the day. 

Emily has been asleep since 7:30pm.  Apparently?  She was tired.

Kindergarten Orientation

First Day of Kindergarten


Jessi said...

This is awesome. I can SO wait for those days but it sounds as though she and you handled it with grace!


Amy said...

hardest thing?
Putting her on the bus yesterday morning. She got on - and right back off - until I introduced her to the bus driver who I have known LITERALLY my entire NH life.

Then she was fine.

This morning?
Walked across the street and got on the bus without me having to walk her over .. *sigh*