Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New digs? Meh, We'll See.

I started a new job.

It's not the job I originally posted about.

It is a job I know I can do, and I know I will excel at.

It was also - some consider - the easy way out.

It's not nearly what I made previously.   It's fair, to start.  There is room for growth.  There is room for advancement.

This job is almost exactly what I've done for 12 years.   There is answering phones, there is filing, there is office work, there is organizing, scheduling, returning phone calls, cleaning, getting mail, sending/receiving faxes ... this job is what I needed.  Somewhere I could excel, by doing what I know.

This job is dressier than what I'm used to.  Thankfully I don't get rid of much - in the clothing department - and had some things that still fit from my legal assistant days.  Though, I need more, and better footwear.  Soon.  Or my feet will fall off.

The job I had originally accepted (which would have been a great opportunity, but so not a great fit) was scheduled to start Monday, June 18th.  Because I was collecting unemployment, I had to continue filing for pay.  In order to collect, I had to apply for jobs - even though I had a potential start date.

Enter my new employer. 

Again, because of the regulations, laws and blahblahblah I had to follow, I wasn't putting much into this interview.  I couldn't find much on the company, and what little I did find, was confusing as hell.  I didn't go into the interview thinking it would pan out into anything other than fulfilling my obligation.

Boy Was I Wrong.

I suppose it bodes well for one, when within 30 minutes of an interview - the owner of the company says "I Want You To Work for Me" ... It speaks volumes when the person who would be your immediate supervisor chimes in with "I knew I wanted to hire you before I spoke with you, before I checked your references.  I just knew"

Here's the thing.  This is week three.  I started this blog a bit ago, and wanted to give it a bit of time before I wrote about it.

What little I've been trained in, is simple.  It's self explanatory, stuff I can do with little to no further explanation.   That said, There hasn't been much time to train me in much.  They're so incredibly busy with Government Contracts for Construction (I'll explain the caps soon) - that there isn't much time for my immediate supervisor to do anything but "Amy, please file this, scan that, email this and call this person back to schedule this."   And for the other employees to say "Amy, please get us quotes on the essential site equipment "site trailer, roll off container, porta potties, etc" and let us know what you find" .. "Amy please find lodging for our crew to utilize at the end of each day" .. all this - with no information as to what our budgets are, or the space constraints are, or anything to that effect.  That said.  I've completed each task above and beyond what they've expected.  That said, I don't feel as though I'm being challenged.  I know I need to give them more time.  The problem with that?  My immediate supervisor is leaving the 12th of July through the 18th of July for a trip to NC with her daughter (who's going to college there) and then again at some point in August for the same reason.  I'm expected to be able to hold everything down, while she's gone.

Except . there is so much more that I need to learn.  SOooooo Much More.

Our Government Contracts for Construction are the meat and potatoes of our clientele.  The second thing we do - is IT training - meaning - We train people in software.  You need to learn Adobe?  We got you.  You need to learn MicroSoft Office? On It.  Oh!  You want to take an Online Course on SharePoint?  Done.  That's the Gravy.

The Government stuff??  Sooooooo involved it frightens me.  Not enough that I question my choice, but enough that I question whether I'll be able to do what they expect of me on July 12th.   Having been there less than a month at that point, and having little to no training on certain things?  I'm a little afraid I'm going to Fail.

We'll see.  It's days away now.  All I can do is tell them I need more time.   All I can do is try.

Here's hoping it works.  I miss what I know.  I miss seeing mom and dad every day.  I miss being able to breathe.  I'm fitting in just fine, but .. I have a hard time thinking this place is fitting in with me.  It's a new piece to an already formed puzzle.  I suppose I'll get there.
Meh.  We'll See

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Jessi said...

Changing jobs is so difficult on so many levels.

It sounds like you're not being challenged in the way you were hoping you'd be.