Sunday, June 24, 2012

Relay for Life - 2012

Relay for Life 2012 is in the history books.

Without any last minute donations - our team raised $ 1518.00.  above our goal!

I raised my goal amount, and managed to eek out 8 miles of walking.  At just about 430pm we had a mandatory field and track evacuation due to a severe thunder storm - including torrential downpours and winds that tore apart our camp, and many many others.  After 2 hours of rain delay, and an hour to rebuild camp - we were finally able to get underway again.

Around 10pm my knee started to act up - clicking and make all sorts of fun noises and by 1am - it was the size of a baseball.  By executive decision (my entire overnight team against me) I came home, alternated Ice & Heat, took a pain pill, and slept for about 3 hours total.

No where near the goals I had set for myself - 2 years ago I walked for 36 miles - 18 hours straight.  Last year I walked for 4 miles with a knee brace and an ice pack taped to my leg - and stayed the entire 18 hours.  This year I doubled what I walked, and went home early.

Still.  It's a success.  We raised money, and showed support to those who have lost their battles, and those still fighting.  This is something I hold dear to my heart, and will continue doing - whether my team mates continue with me or not, for as long as I am physically able.

Thank you (you know who you are) for your continued support, love and encouragement.  It definitely kept me going last night, well after I should have stopped.  I'm training in the off season - getting proper footwear - and the right sort of breathable knee brace to wear for the duration of next years Relay.

Here are a few shots I managed to capture - before the rain came back and I had to pack away the camera.

Matt - Andrea - Emily 
Sporting Handmade Tutus by "Tutus For Tatas" (Emily's dance studios Relay Team)


Jim sporting Andrea's Handmade Tutu ... they made it especially for her, right there at the Relay.

When we were finally allowed back onto the track - The Sun made her reappearance, just in time to set

One of Our Reasons We Relay - Team Tigerlilies Co-Captain & Survivor
 Melissa Clark


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Jessi said...

Looks like a great time! One of these days I'd like to do it too!

Amy, sounds like you did an amazing time. You walked as long as you could (probably longer than you should have.) You did great!