Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Home!!!! (okay so I'm wicked late with this post)

Okay, if you are on my Facebook, you know this story ended well .... Okay here's the tail. (heh)

I like to call it ----- Sera's Travels  

On Wednesday - March 9th at around 6:30pm Sera snuck out.   She had been seen, fed, approached and thus far had eluded capture.  Fast Foward to March 18th - Friday Night.

Around 10pm I went out (with permission) and brought some canned cat food ( a HUGE treat for her ) and sat on the porch.   I put the food close to me, but not and sat in the back corner of the porch, in the dark, where I could see her if she came up the driveway, or up the walk.  About 20 minutes later, I was watching the shadows on the house from the walk lights - and thought for sure it was from her tail.  Got up - quietly ( I had taken my shoes off so I didn't wake Penny and Paul ) and went to the railing to peek down.  No Cat.

Looked down the driveway - she's sitting in front of my van, staring at me.  NO Idea how long she was there watching me.   I put my shoes on, walked slowly, and quietly, toward her with the light I had.  softly calling her, telling her it's okay - she went under the van and laid down.  I put the light down, reached in, and she walked away.  I have no idea where she hid.  I walked around the circle, through the woods, calling for her - looked in the ditches, in the drainage pipe, everywhere - climbed under the porch, looked under their shed, under their cars - nothing.  She vanished. 

I sat down the OTHER end of the porch, where I would be hidden by a bush - and waited. 45 minutes.  Forty Five Minutes.  She was in front of the van again .. so I waited for her to come to me, I knew she could smell the cat food (which I'd placed IN the cat carrier, and made the door a little harder to get into, so she had to open it, and it would close behind her.  She came down the driveway, waited, came up the walk .. waited .. came up the stairs - caught sight of me - hunkered down at the top of the stairs and stared me down for FIVE MINUTES.   She decided she was done, cocked her head and walked away.  I waited a little longer - then went home.  2 1/2 hours total.

The little brat.   She may have won THAT battle, but Mom's winning this damn war.

Saturday morning, I rented a hav-a-heart trap.  Set it with a tupperware thing of tuna in the back, around 2pm

Went about our business, getting paint and supplies for the walls in the living room - set to painting the wall, and hope the phone rang.  I drove around a few times, just looking for her - to no avail.

Fast Forward to 7:30pm.  Cat was trapped!  She was pissed, terrified, and trapped.  I went and picked her up, left her in the trap until we were home, and inside with the doors closed.  Let her out, and then let her come to me. 

When she finally did (about 5 minutes later) she was purring and happy, and glad to be home.  The boys are pissed though!

WTF have you been!?!?

Sitting with Momma

Loving on Momma <3
She's just as happy to be home, as we are to have her home

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