Monday, April 11, 2011

6 Days

It will be official.
In 6 days .. I will be the mother of a Pre-schooler, as opposed to a toddler.

In 6 Days - Emily - will turn 4.   My wee little lady, is going to be a not so wee little lady.

Time flies.  I cannot believe this time, four years ago, I was going through round after round of inductions.  All in the attempt to have this beautiful bouncing baby girl I had growing in my belly, for a week (and some time) over her due date.   Four Years Ago.  Wow.

In that amount of time I've learned so much, and experienced so much, I cannot fathom the amount of "stuff" that has been seemingly crammed into the last four years of our lives.

Four Years.  Wow.  

We've chosen this year, to celebrate her birthday in conjunction with her current BFF (who is 5 days younger than Emily.) by renting Atlantic Gymnastics, located in Dover NH.  I, along with Em's BFFs Mom - Amanda, decided to save everyone involved the hassle of having two birthday parties within a week of each other, with the same kids, the same games, the same presents - especially since one of those birthday parties would be the day before Easter - and just have one big rockin' party.  Well, as rockin' as a four year olds party can be.

However - I digress.   I'm not the world's greatest mom - I'll admit it.   Sometimes I yell, sometimes I lose my patience, sometimes, I'm not the world's greatest mom.  However, now, I will say.   I have never beaten my child.  Ever.   I agree with a swat when she needs it, and I have partaken once or twice in swatting (okay, maybe WAY more than once or twice in the past four years.)  when her mouthy mini-me self needs it, and I know for a fact, I'm way to hard on her sometimes.   Now, that being said, sometimes I forget she's only three (nearly four).  Sometimes, because she is so smart, so quick, so clever ... so ... me ... that I forget she's just a baby still.   it's SO hard.   I mean, if you've seen her, talked to her, heard her - whatever - you'd think she was way older than almost 4.  A few friends of mine have mistaken her for 5 nearly 6, and she's a peanut!  At barely 30 lbs, and just over 3 1/2 feet tall - she's a mini.    She's just way to smart for her own good.

Here are a few of my most favorite memories - from the past few years .... I love my nearly 4 year old, to the moon, and back. <3





Cute, isn't she?  
*sigh* I can't even stand the fact that she's getting so big.


Ellen said...

Amy she's just so very precious and I can't believe it's been almost 4 years either Sweetie. I remember that time so well too and everything I've had the pleasure to share with y'all since. It may all be long distance sharing but I love you both so very much and cherish every picture, every moment, every memory. Enjoy her party, I know you will, and I can't wait to see the pictures. Love y'all so very much, always. <3

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday, Em!

(Yes, she is too cute! Delicious, in fact!)