Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mom - I don't like that.

My dear child is too smart, way too smart.  And while that's a blessing in most cases, when trying to protect the innocence of Christmas and the magic of Santa ... it's a curse.

Santa is going to be at my parents restaurant tonight, so after Dance class, we told Em we were coming here .. she paused, looked at me and we had the following conversation:

E - "With his reindeer?"
M - "Um No, they're resting for their big trip Friday Night"
E - "So, how's he gonna get there then?  He needs his reindeer, or he can't come"
M - "Magic, Emi.  Can you put your shoe's on please?"
E - "He can't do magic without the reindeer mom.  How's he gonna get there?"
M - "Trust me, okay, he'll be there."
E - "what about the elves?  Will they be there?"
M - "No, I think they're up at the North Pole getting ready for Friday too" 
E - "Why does everything have to happen Friday?! I want the DEER MOM!  I WANT TO SEE THE DEER"
M - "Oh, Emi - Christmas Eve is Friday, that's when Santa brings toys and stuff to the good kids - remember?"
E - "Mom.  I don't like that."



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