Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coupon Clipping ...

I never thought I'd be the kind of girl who sat around clipping coupons and watching sale flyers.  In my imagination, I struck it rich at 24, after graduating law school and nailing a spot at a very prestigious law firm where I wowed them into making me partner early.   I know.  Big Imagination.  In reality, I skipped college and have been working steady since the age of 12.  True Story.

Now, you'd think - with a person nearing 30, who has been working since they were 12 - there would be some sort of savings, or retirement plan, or something, to fall back on in times of turmoil and confusion.  Well, you'd be wrong.  Apparently, I have no sense of saving.  None.  Well, when it comes to money and what not.  When it comes to keeping a note a friend wrote me in the 7th grade, I'm sure I could dig one or twenty-eight out for you.    This is something I'm diligently working on, along with the size of my rear end and waist line that is.  See, I'd love to shrink the latter and expand the former.  

Since it's nearly Christmas (and by nearly I mean, days away) ~ I thought I'd put a little post up listing the places I go to save money, or get things for free.  It happens, it works, and I'm such a glutton.

First and foremost, if you're like me and you search the internet for a lot of different things, I have a search engine where you can earn points to earn free things, from pencil erasers and desktop wallpapers to amazon.com gift cards - no really.   It's True.   All you do is go to:  www.swagbucks.com, and follow the instructions .. download the search engine, and walla - free stuff.  Nearly every time you search, you'll earn "swagbucks" which you can save up and put towards rewards.  I happen to enjoy this little habit, and frequently search, just to search silliness and earn points for free things.

Second, you can always find free samples on certain stores websites - for example go to: http://instoresnow.walmart.com/In-Stores-Now-free-samples.aspx - and pick the freebies you want, I've done this a few times and am always happy when the products come.  You can also go to: http://samples.target.com/ and get freebies there too.   

Finally, to save money - though it's not great for the environment, because you have to print them - the only plus side there is you get to pick and choose which ones you want and can use - coupons.com, couponmom.com, couponcabin.com, coolsavings.com, or the one I use the most - www.smartsource.com.

I actively cut coupons every week, and have saved an average of 10 dollars per week on my groceries.  Which is two books to Emily :)

May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Thrifty New Year!

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Jessi said...

I have savings and a retirement... and I still cut coupons. When I got my "real job" I saw a financial planner to get me all set up to where I was comfortable and... I STILL cut coupons. I think it's smart. Some strike it rich, others have to work a little harder. My Pepe always says, "you could be a penny away from being a millionaire, so every penny counts." From the mouth of a millionaire, I tend to believe it.

So cut coupons, cut corners; use any means to save... and do it proudly. You don't always see results quickly... but someday you'll have a nest egg. One additional cardinal rule: if not used properly, credit cards are evil.

Also, try mypoints.com and retailmenot.com. I get so much from mypoints (it has paid for some of my groceries, Zales addiction and vacations-)

I think you're very wise. Fiscal responsibility is a deficit in Western Society.