Monday, August 3, 2015

Packing Up the Car and Going.

This weekend, I had the pleasure and the opportunity to re-connect in person with some of my most favorite lady-bloggers.

Most of us live so far apart, some of us, though, live so close together.  This means to me - there never seems to be an occassion where we can actually come together, where we can make gatherings happen, outside of BlogU or BlogHer or book signings (AHEM, ladies, I'm waiting!!!). 

Since the summer is rapidly coming to a close so any opportunity is defintely welcomed, and also means a gathering is something that I will do everything in my power to make it happen.

Drive almost 3 hours to the border of New Hampshire and Vermont to swim in a lake and spend 2 hours with a handful of the most talented writers and kindest people I've ever had the pleasure and honor to call friends?  Pack up the car, we're going.  I don't care if we sit in traffic, if we miss lunch, if we end up with sand in places we shouldn't have sand, if we could have just repacked the cooler and gone to the boat 15 minutes away.  Pack Up The Car.   We're Going.

The reward for packing up the car and going was the hugs and squeals and smiles and chatting.  The Reward for Packing Up the Car and Going was my smiling and my hugging and my squealing.  The Reward for Packing Up the Car and Going was Emily coming away with new friends; and my husband seeing me smiling and hugging and squealing.  Because truly, isn't that the reward we all want?  The smiling, the hugging, the squealing?  The catching up with friends, the memories of our kids playing in the water and splashing, digging sand holes for "sick fish and dead fish" hospitals.

The reward for packing up the car and going .. is worth so much more than the traffic and frustration and hot sand and running late and being uncomfortable with people you don't know.  Packing Up The Car and Going?  Totally worth it.

Her smile?  Totally worth it.

My Smile?  Totally worth it.

Ordering an extra dessert that you don't really like so your husband who drove nearly three hours across the state to swim in a lake with people he doesn't know doesn't have to choose between two of his favorites?  Totally Worth It.

The Memories, The Rewards - Totally Worth It.

That I missed connecting with a few of my favorite women?  Heartbreaking.  But that I know they were so close, SO CLOSE, even worse.  We'll get there again.  We will.  The hugs, the smiles, the squealing and catching up?  The memories of our kids playing and splashing together?  It'll happen.  They'll all happen.

Thank you, Ladies, for making me feel like one of you.  Even if I'm just on the outskirts, 2 hours away, trying to be one of you.  You've all made me feel welcome, loved, important.

Totally Worth It.


Jessi said...

I wasn't there. So...

Amy said...

That's why I said "some of my most favorite lady-bloggers"


Date, Soon.