Sunday, May 15, 2011

Regretfully Yours ...

It's that time of year folks!      Think about it .. what time of year could she possibly mean??

Well, I Just turned 30.  The Big 3-0.  And I have one thing on my mind.  Ready?  Prom.

No seriously.

Okay, allow me to explain.

Prom (more specifically Junior Prom, since in our high school it was the Juniors that got the "big dance") time is a busy time of year, for lots of people, and at the tender age of 30, is the one time of year I have this nagging feeling of regret.   True Story.

I graduated high school in 1999.  My junior prom was in 1998 .. there has been quite a bit of time between then and now, and I cannot seem to get rid of this ... feeling.

Now, don't misunderstand.  I went to my prom.  Got the dress, had the hairdo - even wore a touch of make up.  However, I didn't have a date.  I went with a few of my friends, which means, I didn't get to take part in the "Grand March" .. I didn't have pictures taken .. I don't have the typical Prom Memories.  I regret not taking a date, I regret not walking with my friends, and I regret not having my mom and dad there while my friends did ..... I hate this time of year.

I can only hope Emily goes - with a date, and has the typical Prom Memories that I don't have.  I have at least 14 years to worry, plan and save ... here's hoping she doesn't have this one regret that I live with.   Here's hoping in a few years, I won't live with this regret anymore either.

30 years old and I'm regretting a decision I made when I was a junior in High School.   Eck.  Time to move - don't you think?

The one thing I would change if I had the chance.  Funny how that works, the one thing I would change is to have a date to the prom .... maybe I wasn't as liked as I thought I was.